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Replacing tapes when tape loader has used all available tapes

Created: 17 Apr 2013 | 7 comments


I have a server with BE12 which backs up all my server on the network. Once a full backup is complete the job is then sent to the tape loader for duplication. The tape loader has the capacity for 24 tapes. my question is, when all the tapes have been used and a backup job is requesting to insert new media, how can i insert the new media and label it without having to cancel the job to run an inventory? i label my tapes as followes




If i insert the scratch media as is, the job continues but labels the tape with a random name. now if i try to label the tape once the job is done it says it will clear the tape of all its contents.

whats the best practise for this?

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If you are using BE 2010 or older then should help you configure what you want.

If you are using BE 2012 then this feature is no longer supported. Explaination provided by Colin in the thread below -

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Thanks for the repy. i just have a quick question. Lets say im carrying out a restore and i need previous tapes for the job. how would i / BE know which tape to request for the job to be completed?

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If your tape loader has a barcode reader, you do your own barcode labels and you are in control of the labelling.  See my article below.

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Ive read the article and it does make sense. However, i have been making label jobs evertime i inserted new tapes to manually label them as listed in my first post. if i was was to try and recover from these tapes, would BE ask for the tape with the label i made? if not what would it ask for?

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When you use barcode labels, you do not need to run label jobs.  You just stick the barcode label on the tape and that is good enough.  Barcode labels function like your manual labeling.  All the rules applies meaning if your backup set is on tape 000001L4 and you want to restore from it, BE will ask for this tape.

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Thats makes sense. In my current situation though without barcodes, would BE ask for a tape with the label i gave it if i were running a restore? eg insert 12B?