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Replicate the Exchange data from DR to Primary using Vertas Volume Replicator

Created: 29 May 2012 | 3 comments
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I am using SFHA/DR on my Exchange server and our Mailbox node is VCS clustered and our active site is DR site i need to replicate the DR data to Primary. Is this possible or we need some extra command coz as i understand we can replicate the Data from Primary to DR. Kindly assist me in this scenerio.

If anybody have VVR technote regarding this query plz fwd it to me. 

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Yes this is normal practice.  I am assuming the primary site failed and so you onlined service group at DR site, but if this is not what happened then let me know what did

If you run "vxprint -Vl" on both sites, the DR site should have flags of "primary" and Primary site flags of "acting secondary" - if this is the case then you follow procedure in VVR Admin guide ( in section "Resynchronizing a failed primary with the new primary" (page 260), so you just run:

vxrds -g <diskgroup> fbsync <rvg>
I can never remember which node to run this from, but it only works from one node (will give a message saying can't do it, if you run from wrong node), so if it doesn't work on one node then try the other.  You can also run this command from the VCS GUI by right clicking on RVGPrimary resource and choosing Actions and then choosing fbsync (again if it doesn't work on one cluster, then try the other).
After running this, VVR sync differences and then resumes replication automatically (in your case resumes replication from DR to Primary).  Your application at DR will remain unaffected during this resync (maybe a  slight reduction in performance while resync is happening).

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As you are saying exchange server, I would assume you are using windows ? If yes, I would strongly recommend to read below guide

page 198

Converting the primary to a secondary
Use this option to convert the original Primary to a Secondary after performing
a takeover without fast-failback logging. After the takeover operation is
performed, an existing Secondary takes the role of the new Primary. If the
original Primary comes up, use the Make Secondary option to change the role of
a Primary to a Secondary. Thus, when the original Primary becomes available
again, it can be made a Secondary to the new Primary.

read guide for full article ...

page 199

Migrating the primary role
Use this option to switch the Primary and Secondary roles between two hosts,
within the RDS. This option is generally used for planned moves. For example,
the Primary may need to undergo some maintenance tasks. The migration
operation first disables data access to the Primary and Secondary RVGs. This
operation then tries to lock all the volumes under RVG and then checks if the
Secondary is up-to-date.
If a disaster occurs at the Primary node it is an unplanned situation. In this case
the Take Over option is used.

Note: Symantec recommends to use the vxrvg dismount command to verify
whether the migrate operation will succeed

Something more of interest specific to exchange....

Hope this will help...


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