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Replicated Servers from Offsite Media Servers added to Vault

Created: 10 Jul 2013 | 5 comments

Hello all,

We run a monthly back up to tape from our Master Server using Vault Management. We also have a handful of offsite media servers with no tape robots that simply go to disk. I have setup replication from these media servers to our main Master server with our robot. My question is how do I get these replicated images cut to tape using Vault with our monthly process? Is it possible? It seems Vault is policy based and since these are replicated images from their Media Servers and not pulled in through a specific policy from the Master server I am unsure if this is possible.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Netbackup Master/Media Servers on Linux RHEL6 and a mix of Windows (2003/2008) and Linux machines.

Operating Systems:

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RamNagalla's picture

yes,it is possible...

just let me know how did you setup the replication(duplication ) from offisite media servers to Master server Tape.. does it SLP?

and your offisite media servers are making backups with regular policies and schedule ... right?

Jeremy32's picture

Hi Nagalla,

Yes I use SLP policies for my offsite servers to replicate back.

I also do make sure I do regular policies with weekly Full, daily incremental schedules.


RamNagalla's picture

thats perfect..

you can configure the tape eject through Vault.

1) add the robot into vault  under vault management (if you have not done already)

2) create a Vault profile some thing like eject_vault

3)in vault profile  in first tab (choose backups) 

 a) select how may days range you need to consider when vault job runs

 ex:- if you choose  between 7 days 0 hours to 0 days 0 hours, when ever vault job run it will only look for the images which are with in 7 days.. if the backup image is older then 7 days it wont consider this.

b)select attributes (you can choose which fits your requirement)

c)seletion location  (you can choose which fits your requirement)

4) go to eject tap.. and select the Volume pools ( probably into the volume pool that you are master server is duplication the data with SLP) ex:- Offiste

5) go to report  select what ever the reports you what to generate at the time of vault job run

6) test the vault profile by starting the session ( right click on it and start session)

7) create a eject policy with policy type as Vault and  backup selection as vltrun <profilename> and create required schedules.

you are done.

Jeremy32's picture

Thanks for that. I actually have Vault setup and use it monthly. It works great. We have all of our policies configured to run to tape using Vault.

I'm more concerned with how we get Vault to recognize images i've replicated, sorry if I missed that from your post.

For example:

If I replicated FileServer1 from an offsite media server to MAINMASTER1 netbackup master server which runs Vault. How do I set it up so Fileserver1, which is now sitting on disk for MAINMASTER1,  be setup through Vault to run to tape? Do I create a policy called Offsite_FileServer and add the server name to it even though it won't check in properly under Host Properties/Client since it's connected with another media server? Is this possible?

If I go through the catalog and type in for example FileServer1 I see all the images that I have replicated over, I just want to find the easiest way to bring the last image each month to tape with the rest of my Vault setup.

Hopefully I am explaining this properly. Thanks for the input so far!

RamNagalla's picture

in your SLP you probably might have set the Volume pool  for duplication  job .. for offisite media server to MAINMASTER1

and the same volume pool needs provide in the Vault profile , eject tab.

vault does not bother if the images is replicatcated or not.. it only look for the images and tapes that you have seted in vault profile.

lets take small example:-

assume below

-> client name :-FileServer1

-->backup to remote media server

->duplicatiting to MAINMASTER1 and volume pool Offsite with SLP.

->have created a vault profile to eject the tapes form offsite volume pool for client FileServer1 between 7 days to 0 days.

now when you run the Vault job.. it will look for the client images  which are being backup betwen 7 days to 0 days.. and see if those images are also there in tapes of offisite Volume pool. if yes it will eject those tapes.

as you setup offsite Volume pool only for duplication imges it will get ejected.


vault does not bother if that is the primary copy or replicated copy ,  it just try to match the images and tape to the critiria that is setup in profile and if that met it will eject those..

so that is the reason.. we need to have seperate volume pool of the images that needs to eject (like offsite) and another pool for images says in library(says onsite)

let me know if i am not clear or if you are looking for someting els.