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Replicate/Mirror Server

Created: 14 Oct 2013 • Updated: 29 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
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I have a customer who is buying two new servers and we are trying to work out the simplest way to mirror or replicate the servers. The second server will be at an offsite location. The initial plan was to do complete server restores of the live server once a week using Backup Exec. Is their a way to do this remotely or automatically if the offsite location was linked via WAN (or cloud)? 

Or maybe somebody knows of another way to go about it?

The server hardare is exactly the same, and the live server will be running Windows Server 2012 and will be the aditional Domain Controller, Media Server and will be running MS SQL for their App.



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Colin Weaver's picture

Currently you cannot make a Windows 2012 server into a media server as only Agent installs are possible on Windows 2012

Ignoring that limitations for the moment, depending on the speed of your links you can do a backup to local storage at the same time as a convert from physical to virtual - and the vitual envuironment is then something you should be able to qucikly start if you have an emergency affacting the physical server tht you backed up.

Of course currently because of the limitation you wil need a 2008 R2 media server and either a Hyper-V or Vmware host to act as the target for the conversion.

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Thanks for the reply Colin, i appreciate it. I Was not aware of the Windows 2012 limitation.

The useage of virtual environment sounds like a good plan, though i am concerned it might not be what my client had in mind. They bought the second server with the idea of having it off site and up to date so that if there was a problem with the live server to just grab the second server and swop it in.