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Replicating a backup image manually to a different Netbackup Domain

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 30 Apr 2013 | 9 comments
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I already have a backup image of a client in one Netbackup Domain and wish to now replicate it to another Netbackup domain.

It is currently sitting on a 5020 Appliance.

I already have configured AIR between the environments and have replications working successfully (via SLP) but wish to copy an existing backup image that wasn't in a policy with AIR configured.

I've looked in the guide but there doesn't appear to be an option to do this.

I've also looked in the catalog for the option to duplicate the image but it doesn't show the SLP in the storage unit list.


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Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

I agree with Gautier.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

Nicolai's picture

Only MSDP pools are supported for AIR replication (at the moment) . So agree with both Gautier and Yasuhisa. See 2

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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daniel.hooper's picture

Hi Nicolai,

Any Netbackup (puredisk) owned deduplication method can be used for Air.

The only exception is replication from a netbackup 5020/5220 Appliance to a MSDP (but does work the other way round).

What I don't get it why you can't manually do AIR ( minus the A for Auto :-) ) and do MIR manual image replication.

This is something I would very much like to see as a feature.

RLeon's picture

The easiest way to do this is to duplicate the image from MSDP to BasicDisk or tape, then take it to the other site and import it.

For BasicDisk, just manually copy the BasicDisk folder containing a copy of that image to the other site using usb memory stick, share folders, nfs, vpn, etc.

Gautier Leblanc's picture

Idea of RLeon is good. If you have only few images du export on other domain, use basic disc (NAS for example) to duplicate it from first domain and do import on second one.

You will be able to duplicate your imported image on target MSDP pool after that.

Don't forget to expire basic disk copy after operations, and clean up databases. Note that it will be tricky because 2 domains will have same files as copy of a backup. Best way is to copy backpu files on other directory, to have 2 different files of the same backup, one for each domain.

daniel.hooper's picture

This is far too complicated - especially when the source and target Netbackup domains are in different Countries.

Especially as the image is already deduplicated I should be able to simply select a SLP which just has the replication to target Netbackup domain configured and send a copy of the image there.

Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

Backup images stored without replication SLP is not replaced to remote domain. You need to manually ship images as RLeon suggested. If you can not ship image files via network, please consider to duplicate to tape or replication appliance like Data Domain and import at remote domain.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

daniel.hooper's picture

I understand exactly what you guys are both saying, but these methods are rather clunky (no offense) especially when there is already a preconfigured SLP which "could" in theory replicate the image (which it does when assigned to a policiy.

Symantec need to add a "Replication" in the drop down with Verify/Duplicate/Import. This would be most useful - Especially if you were migrating a VM to another site with a different Netbackup domain and wanted to keep the images near that VM.