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Replication Director Question

Created: 15 Apr 2013 | 3 comments


We have Netapp in our environment presenting both Block (FC) and File (CIFS) to hosts.

Currently looking at NBU to manage our Snapvault/Snapmirror snapshots.

I understand only CIFS/NFS is supported.

Can someone explain why on CIFS/NFS?

When will Block Storage be supported?



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below is what i find from the replication director guide page no 12

Available in a future release:
■ Block level device support (Fibre Channel, iSCSI)
■ Application support
■ Hypervisor support (VMware and Hyper-V)
future release ... may be 7.6 , symnatec is the better one to answer this
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I have seen this guide.

What Im looking for is specifics.

 EG: Is only CIFS/NFS supported because Netbackup can initiate the snapshot but cant catalog if a Host is using Block as opposed to File....???

Or Netbackup cant even initiate a Snapshot for FC/ISCSI Full stop !!!

Be keen to know.



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hi Data,

i wish i could, i have not tested it...

may be its time for you to test it by own and share your experience on it... 

or needs to check with someone who already tested..