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Report Help! Need to have an audit of where a ticket has been.

Created: 13 Sep 2012 | 2 comments


   SD 7.1.2

   I need a report in ServiceDesk to show when a ticket was assigned.    When a ticket is reassigned (or even resolved), they would like to know who did it and where did it go (and possibly where it was.)   I am open to ideas as we have had a few SQL people look at this and run for the hills.   Thank you in advance.



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As far as I remember assignment history is not explicitly saved anywhere in the database on 7.1

The easiest (and probably the only) way to get this would be to have customizations to add additional comments/messages to the process history. Or alternatively, a custom component writing into some kind of audit table.

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You can find the reassignment comments in the ReportProcessComments table and filter it by looking at 'Reassignment' in the CommentBrief column. You'll have to join it to the ReportProcess table to get the IM number. I'd create a view for this, then create a profile and then create a report using that profile but this would only show you the reassignments. 

If you wanted to know who resolved it then you would have to join to the ServiceDeskIncidentManagement table as well.

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