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report is not loaded properly

Created: 14 May 2013 • Updated: 18 May 2013 | 9 comments
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I have download the all installed software report. When i open the xxxxxx.csv file it showing error with File not loaded completely. I have extract the file number of time and every time file open with error.

My confusion is that this is a normal error message or some of rows are missing?

any permanent solution to fix it?

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What is the current running version?

Kindly share the snapshot of error.

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Download the report in different format like .html/.xml and check it working fine or not?

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Can you provide office version ?

Your data limit are exceed for Rows

check this Microsoft KB

"File not loaded completely" error importing text files larger than 65536 rows in Mac XL

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Excel has row limit 65536/1,048,576. If you have installed the excel 2003 then it limit is 65536. So you need to upgrade the excel later that 2003 version for getting the more row limit. 2007/2010 row limit is 1,048,576.

If in case your data is bigger than this count then easiest way is then you can split the file in 2 parts.

For splitting you can open the file in notepad and divide the data in 2 different notepad file and then save in .csv format. Try it.

Worksheet and workbook specifications and limits


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Make a test, put a filter on report and export to csv.
Try to open, if the error not exist the problem is on limit of lines  of excel.


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there are multiple software data which i was required so don't know how to create the filter for multiple.

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Create a snapshot for filtered output report which has limited rows and then export report, it will confirm that whether problem for limit of lines in csv. file or some other side.

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I have divide the file in multiple with open it text format, but i am interested to know about snapshot, How to select snapshot?

How it work?