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Created: 14 Mar 2013 • Updated: 02 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Anyone know how to make a report to show me the printers.

I have this code, but it does not work

   [vri2_Network Printer].[Guid],
   [vri2_Network Printer].[Name],
   [dca8_Device Details].[Device Precedence],
   [dca6_Device Identification].[Base IP Address],
   [dca6_Device Identification].[Base MAC Address],
   [dca6_Device Identification].[Display Name],
   [dca8_Device Details].[System Description],
   [dca8_Device Details].[System Contact],
   [dca8_Device Details].[System Location],
   [dca8_Device Details].[DeviceTypeId],
   [dca8_Device Details].[DeviceClassGuid],
   [dca9_SNMP Host Devices].[Product ID],
   [dca9_SNMP Host Devices].[Errors],
   [dca9_SNMP Host Devices].[Status],
   [dca3_SNMP Host Resources].[Memory Size],
   [dca7_SNMP HP Printer].[Asset Number],
   [dca7_SNMP HP Printer].[Total PCL Page Count],
   [dca7_SNMP HP Printer].[Total PS Page Count],
   [dca10_SNMP Printer Input Tray].[Name] AS [Name1],
   [dca10_SNMP Printer Input Tray].[Vendor Name],
   [dca10_SNMP Printer Input Tray].[Description],
   [dca10_SNMP Printer Input Tray].[Max Capacity],
   [dca4_SNMP Printer Supply].[Description] AS [Description1],
   [dca4_SNMP Printer Supply].[Level],
   [dca4_SNMP Printer Supply].[Max Capacity] AS [Max Capacity1],
   [dca4_SNMP Printer Supply].[Type],
   [dca5_SNMP Storage].[Index],
   [dca5_SNMP Storage].[Description] AS [Description2],
   [dca5_SNMP Storage].[Alloc Units],
   [dca5_SNMP Storage].[Size],
   [dca5_SNMP Storage].[Used]
   [vRM_Network_Printer_Item] AS [vri2_Network Printer]
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_SNMP_Host_Resources] AS [dca3_SNMP Host Resources]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca3_SNMP Host Resources].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_SNMP_Printer_Supply] AS [dca4_SNMP Printer Supply]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca4_SNMP Printer Supply].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_SNMP_Storage] AS [dca5_SNMP Storage]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca5_SNMP Storage].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_Device_Identification] AS [dca6_Device Identification]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca6_Device Identification].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_SNMP_HP_Printer] AS [dca7_SNMP HP Printer]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca7_SNMP HP Printer].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_Device_Details] AS [dca8_Device Details]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca8_Device Details].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_SNMP_Host_Devices] AS [dca9_SNMP Host Devices]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca9_SNMP Host Devices].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_SNMP_Printer_Input_Tray] AS [dca10_SNMP Printer Input Tray]
         ON ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] = [dca10_SNMP Printer Input Tray].[_ResourceGuid])
         ([dca6_Device Identification].[Display Name] LIKE N'NPI0A90B3')
      ([vri2_Network Printer].[Guid] IN (SELECT [ResourceGuid] FROM [ScopeMembership] WHERE [ScopeCollectionGuid] IN (SELECT [ScopeCollectionGuid] FROM dbo.fnGetTrusteeScopeCollections(@v1_TrusteeScope))))


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Go to Reportà --Discovery and Inventory --- Inventory --- Cross-platform -- Hardware -- Printers

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Go to Report---Notification Server Management--server---Resource Reports---All Network Printers

pls reply if its done.....