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Report to remove media from library

Created: 23 Nov 2012 | 1 comment


I checked every available report in BE 2012 but i can't find what i need, in fact it's quite simple, we have a tape library and each friday an operator need to remove FULL tape and place new scratch tape, so i only need a list of FULL tape.

Exactly like the slot screenshot here after:

Please help.

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I think you should not base your decision to move a tape off-site on whether it is is full or not.  It is almost impossible for a backup set to exactly fill a tape to the brim.  Usually when a tape is full, it means that a backup set has filled the tape and it spilled over to another tape.  By just shipping the full tape off-site, you would be breaking up this spanning backup set to two locations.  This will present a problem when you need to use this backup set.

It would be better to move tapes off-site based on backup sets, rather than whether a tape is full or not.  For example, if a weekly backup set needs to be kept off-site and it uses 1.5 tapes, then move both tapes off-site.  Don't just move the full tape off-site.