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Report suggestions greatly appreciated!

Created: 07 Aug 2012 • Updated: 07 Aug 2012 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I just lurvvvvve the reporting functionality in Service Desk <nods sagely>  indeed it is doing more to teach me patience and perseverance then anything else I've worked on in years!  It’s also contributing to the growing knowledge of my co-workers ... they never knew there was so many ways to express ones frustration through swear words :p

But on a more serious note :)  I have two reports that I cannot for the life of me work out how to do - or even if it’s possible - and would desperately love some help.

Report 1 - We have some incidents that, for reasons not yet understood, do not get assigned to any group at creation like they should.  The tickets just disappear into the ether unless you specifically know it failed to assign and go looking for it.  I wanted to create a report that would show me any open tickets where “assigned to” is blank.  Yeah. My efforts to date have not shown the tickets I have deliberately left in broken state to test with.  Suggestions would be welcome!

Report 2 - I would like to create a report for our workers that show all of the tickets in the personal queues of their team mates.  ie someone from Support I can see all of the tickets assigned to the other individual members of support I, NOT what is in the actually Support I queue and definitely not what is in the personal queue of people in other groups.  Because I want to use this as a webpart I wanted it to use the "groups I belong to" functionality (if possible) so it would be generic to whoever is logged in rather than having to create the same report for each team with their team members manually added to the filter.  Again, not working so well for me and would love suggestions!

Thanks for listening to me rant a little and for allll those wonderful suggestions I just know you are going to grace me with!

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Hi...   I ran in to report #2 and just sucked it up and did it by department.   The amount of time it took to figure that out versus just making a different one...   bad answer but I only have this much ->   <- patience with the SD reporting thing.   It ANDs and ORs when it wants to.  

On report #1... are you looking a the processes, tasks, or incident management entries?

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Thanks for the reply :)

With Report #1, I think I have tried all possible combinations of all 3.  I decided this morning that I was totally confusing myself and deleted every attempt.  I really do believe I had gotten to the point where I was going round in circles and starting fresh seemed like the best idea. 

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For report #1 you can try to use the report I've attached for it and the first one should show you all the incidents that have been assigned to a blank worker. Rename the report an remove the .txt extension and import it. Usually when it gets assigned to blank you can't work it.

What we've done for report #2 is to create a report for each department (we have 32) and then manually set it in the web part for each worker. It's was a pain in the butt to do but at least they have a report showing them what their fellow workers have in their queue in case they need to work it.

List Open Incidents By 51.51 KB

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32 departments ?!?!?! ... I would have classified that as a little more than a pain in the butt :) 

I am out of time today but I'll download and check out that report tomorrow,  thanks heaps for that! 

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So I took the time to try your report before leaving - it worked perfectly thankyou!!

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For our workers we have three reports that they see. Open tickets assigned to them, tickets assigned to the groups they belong to (unassigned tickets) and tickets assigned to workers that are in the same groups as you so you.

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