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Reporting from Symantec Enterprise Vault Cloud

Created: 25 Apr 2013 | 4 comments


I'm new..sorry..

We have our Office 365 emails archived in Enterprise vault cloud.

I have been asked to pull reports on various user email activity.

What are my reporting options?

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The Reporting node of Archive Administration allows administrators to view logs and reports of archive usage.

The following logs and reports are available from this node:

·         Activity Log

·         Message Log

·         Usage Log

·         Retention Log

·         Messaging Reports

·         Personal Archive Reports

Full details available here:

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Thanks Philip,

These aren't exactly the kind of reports I need.

I was looking for email specific reports, such as any one that sent an email to an outside domain.

How can I query our archived repository to get these types of reports?

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Unfortunately it does not appear to be possible to query the archived data in this way.  As an alternative if you use our Email Content Control service as part of the Email service then you could set a log rule and analyze the detailed logs once a month.  However this would be for new emails and not historical/archived emails.  My assumption is that you are using Office 365 for mail security, so i'm not sure how attractve this option would be. 

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Further update on this thread.  While there is not a specific report or log that will display what emails were sent to or received from outside domains, you could search mails that contain messages from individuals from outside the organisation by using the ADVANCED SEARCH and execute the search so it does not include emails with the company's domain by using the "Doesn't Contain' option in the drop down field. This would be in Enterprise Vault