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reports in SEPM have stopped working

Created: 05 Jan 2010 • Updated: 17 Aug 2010 | 7 comments

anytime i try generate a report , it appears blank with the following error URL


Can anyone help?

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Can you open IIS manager [Start -> Run -> inetmgr]

Expand websites, symantec web server

right click on reporting and click on browse. Login to sepm in the login window that appears next.

Try the same report again.

let us know if that works.

Also, check the odbc connectivity of sepm.

  1. Verify that the Symantec Embedded Database service is running and that the dbsrv9.exe process is listening on TCP port 2638
  2. Test the ODBC connection.
    1. Open Control Panel > Administrator Tools
    2. Double click Data Sources (ODBC)
    3. On the System DSN tab, double-click SymantecEndpointSecurityDSN
    4. Go through the wizard to ensure the following settings:

      Name: SymantecEndpointSecurityDSN
      Description: <Anything>
      Server: Servername\InstanceName (Can be blank as it is localized, otherwise specify the default: sem5)
      Login ID: dba
      Password: <password>

    5. Leave the defaults for the rest of the items and click Finish
    6. Click Test Data Source , it should return "Success"
    7. Click OK
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What is the version of your internet explorer?
8 ? 

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Try by removing ie enhanced security configuration from add/remove windows components 

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In case its IE 8  Add localhost to compatibility view by clicking on Tools, Compatibility views.

Thanks & Regards

Sandeep C Sali

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We are doing testing/evaluation of SEP v.11 with the EICAR test virus file ( ) and noticed that when SEP detects this virus, its detection notification appears behind the download window for the virus in question. Is there a way to control this so that the SEP notification gets displayed on top of potential virus downloads?


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 Please make a new thread for your issue. The thread that you tagged onto is not relevant to your question and thus will probably not be able to be found by anyone who could help you. To start a new thread just click on the "Start a new discussion" button at the top of this page


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We have 5 SEPM on Win2k8 R2 with a single VIP for Java Console access.  The Client opens and throws "UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE REPORTING COMPONENT."  When we click "OK" the HOME, Monitors & Reports Tabs are all BLANK.