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Reputation Submission Tool

Created: 19 Feb 2013

Hi everyone,

I've just tried out Symantec RST. The tool is very simple to use. But the logfile this tool generate is equally difficult to understand. The tool generates a file called "reputation.tsv". when the file is imported in excel, it contains 5 columns. Very first thing noticed that no column has header text. The first column contains Absolute paths of files scanned by RST (*I guess so...). The 2nd and 3rd column shows some hash values. I have absolutly no clue what exactly it is. The 4th column shows values like GOOD. Found no value as BAD. The 5th column shows values like Very high, high, moderate, low etc. The file does not show any information about which all files are submitted to symantec and which file it has decided not to submit. Also when the tool is scanning the files, it shows some status like OK or SKIPPED after every file.

Can anyone help me out to decode this logfile and the output this tool throws on window?


Darshan G. Parab