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Required media server is offline

Created: 24 Feb 2013 • Updated: 24 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Recently we had replaced one of drive in autoloader (2 drive). After re-configuring STU with device config wizard drive is visible but all my tape based backup jobs are queued up . It shows required media server is offline

But services are running . Did i missed anything in re-configuration?

NBU 7.5.4

Windows 2003 R2 STD master server

Windows 2008 R2 STD media server

HP Autoloader (LTO-4 2drives)

Operating Systems:

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Seems new drive path is not recognized by NBU. Try following if it helps

Verify NBU services are running on both master/media

check any events that logged 

Execute and check From master server ..admincmd/nbemmcmd -updatehost -machinename media01 -machinestateop set_tape_active -machinetype media

updated EMM with bprdreq -rereadconfig

Check if backups are resumed

Check following   TN for how to replace drive in NBU.. Though it's for 6.x but same applies to 7.x

During re-config wizard make sure you do not uncheck existing drive else NBU will skip counting that drive in new STU config.

Ensure all the drives from autoloader are selected.

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verywell spotted nbemmcmd updatehost led us to RCA.

we checked media server state under device management and found server was showing active for disk only.

however under device monitor media server was not shown as host for drives.

we re-configured stu and ensure we selected all drives and robots.

after stu were created, media server was showing under device monitor but somehow was not showing active for tape,

we did ran updatehost to changestate to active and it went fine. backups started writing to tape drives.

Couldn't get why it went offline for tape drive. any idea where can we get traces?

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did you netbackup services or ltid on media server after reconfiguration?

make sure , Netbackup servers are running on media server and able to connect the through Telnet

then make sure tpconfig -d is showing new configure drives.

then from master nbrbtuil -releasemediasserver <media server name>

restart the Netbackup on media server

and check the media server status in nbemmcmd -listhosts -machinename <Mediaservername> -machinetype media -verbose

is active for tape and disk jobs.

if its still not showing active for tape and disk jobs run the below command

nbemmcmd -updatehost -machinename <mediaserver name> -machinestateop set_tape_active -machinetype media

even after this if its not showing active for disk and tape jobs 

run the below command in media server 

nbemmcmd -getemmserver 

and see what its trying to say.. and let us know

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The below logs will help you to understand why NBU switches between Active for Tape and Disk.....

20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <16> emmlib_UpdateMachineState: (0) CORBA call threw exception.
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <16> emmlib_UpdateMachineState: (-) system exception, ID ''
OMG minor code (2), described as '*unknown description*', completed = NO
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <16> emmlib_UpdateMachineState: (0) updateMachineState failed, Error < 0x2DC6C4 >
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <16> SendEmmHeartbeat: (-) Translating EMM_ERROR_CorbaException(3000004) to 334 in the device management context
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <16> SendEmmHeartbeat: Could not update machine state, emm error code = 334
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <4> SendEmmHeartbeat: Detected change in MachineState...
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <4> SendEmmHeartbeat: ...clearing LOCAL_CONTROL bits
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <4> SendEmmHeartbeat: Clear LOCAL_CONTROL on drive HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.000
20:46:54.020 [4232.1660] <4> SendEmmHeartbeat: Clear LOCAL_CONTROL on drive HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.001
20:51:54.027 [4232.1660] <4> SendEmmHeartbeat: Detected change in MachineState... going Active

This "state change" occurs when a heartbeat / handshake does not complete successfully on a timed 5 minute interval between a master server and media server.

On a 5 minute interval, the ltid process on the Media Server initiates a heartbeat to nbemm on the Master Server.  nbemm receives the heartbeat and sends an acknowledgement back to ltid on the Media Server.    This is logged in the ltid log when VERBOSE is set in the vm.conf file - this log is located in the folder <install_path>\VERITAS\Volmgr\debug\ltid (Windows) or the subdirectory /usr/openv/volmgr/debug/ltid (UNIX/Linux).

nbemm listens for heartbeat updates.  Every 1 minute, nbemm evaluates when the last time a heartbeat was received from a Media Server: