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REQUIRED_INTERFACE on the same subnet?

Created: 16 Nov 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
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I've got a verified network bottleneck on one of my Netbackup redhat linux clients. Production data volume is causing backup performance to suffer, and backup performance is critical to keep oracle archive redo logs from filling up available filesystem space.

There is a second physical NIC available.

We do not have a dedicated backup subnet, or this would be easy.

When using the REQUIRED_INTERFACE directive in bp.conf, do the network interfaces have to be on different subnets?

For example, "eth0" is, and we add "eth1" as Will "REQUIRED_INTERFACE=" work properly, and send the backup data out the interface?

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Worth a shot.

BTW, starting with NBU 7.1,


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wr beat me to it, required interface is the old way and should not be used, in preference of preferred network which has multiple  ways in which it can be used, plenty of technotes explaining the different ways.


Regards,  Martin
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I don't think PREFERRED_NETWORK it will help you. Since both NIC are on the same network the OS will use the first NIC it find in the routing table that matches the destination network.

I  would recommend creating a LACP network channel instead. Only thing to metntion - you need the network admin to create a LACP channel for you on the switch side.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Despite its name you can specify a particular ip address


Regards,  Martin
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Yes, the ideal solution is to trunk the two interfaces together, but that's going to cause a disruption and a lot more paperwork that nobody is willing to deal with.

Plumbing a new interface can literally be done any time.

We would plumb the new interface on the same subnet as the media server, but we don't know what, if anything, that will break as far as database and application connectivity. Unfortunately we do not have a dedicated backup network.