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REQUIRED_INTERFACE still valid on 7.5?

Created: 13 Dec 2013 • Updated: 13 Dec 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I haven't had to use REQUIRED_INTERFACE since version 6 days, but I was recently asked if there was a way to redirect backup traffic from a client via a separate NIC, so naturally I thought REQUIRED_INTERFACE would do the trick. However, in reading the admin guide, its not clear whether it is a supported parameter, with the new REQUIRED/PREFERRED_NETWORK settings that are available.

Also, is there an NBU log that would show that the backup connection is using the appropriate interface? I know you can check the stats on the client side during the backups, but I don't have access to the clients. And on the media server side, all the data goes to the same interface, regardless of which nic the client is sending the data from.


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see the page number 263 in Netbackup 7.5 Unix admin guide 

you can look in bpbrm log in the Media server

and bpcd log in the client to identify the IP address of the client that is being used for backups.

you can ask the OS admin to provide the bpcd log file of the client to check it.

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Thanks Nagalla.

Found some good technotes on PREFERRED_NETWORK, and was about to request the admin to change the setting on the client side to change the setting when I realized I can change via the client host properties from the console. Thats when I noticed only a "Required Interface" setting was available...the client is still running 6.5!

I am still a bit confused on the syntax I should use when doing a simple redirect of the backup traffic:

client has 2 nics/hostnames: foo and foo-adm, and both networks are routable. foo is the NB client name. So if I want to direct backup traffic for foo over the foo-adm nic, the proper entry on the client bp.conf would be:

PREFERRED_NETWORK = foo_ip MATCH foo-adm_ip

or is it:


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It wld be

PREFERRED_NETWORK = foo_ip MATCH foo-adm_ip

Please go thru this TN



Allows connectivity to the hostname that resolves to, and requests that the operating system use as the outbound interface.

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yes.. the example from Sri Vani helps you..

if you are still in confusion..

just  add foo-adm as a client name in the backup  policy and do not keep any PREFERRED_NETWORK or REQUIRED_INTERFACE(for 6.x),then it will automatically pick the IP associated with the name foo-adm send the backup traffic through that.

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Thanks for the replies.

I ended up doing exactly that...changing the client name.

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As mentioned in the TN,Preferred Network entries are not needed if NetBackup is configured with appropriate host names that the operating system (O/S) resolves to the correct IP addresses and then routes correctly.