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Requirements for read-only mounting a VCS managed SAN volume

Created: 12 Apr 2005 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

I would like some assistance with the following VCS/VXVM scenario:

We have a simple VXVM volume created on a SAN-based LUN with the following characteristics:
- RAID management for the volume is being done within the EMC frame.
- The volume is part of a VCS resource group.
- Only one system within the resource group will have the volume mounted read-write.
- The file system on the volume is UFS.

If we would like to allow two systems not currently running VCS to mount the volume read-only (they will never write to this volume), would we need anything other than VXVM to properly access the volume?

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Carsten Hennig's picture

Hi, you cannot do that with VxVM. You would need Cluster Volume Manager, which is an add-on license to VxVM. You will add much more complexity into your environment. Is this really necessary ?


Tony Barlow's picture


Thanks for the feedback on this! This scenario is not absolutely necessary, but it would fit well with our overall system architecture: The volume in question would be owned r/w by a system participating in a cluster; it will act as a respository for a large daily data feed. The two systems that need to access this same volume r/o will be processing the data from the repository. We wanted to rule out NFS for this to keep from moving huge quantities of data across the IP network.

I agree with the comment on complexity; we are hoping to avoid using CVM primarily for that reason.

I would think that VXVM would not be as restrictive since this is only a r/o mount.

Vielen dank fuer Ihre Antwort.