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Reserve Drive for backups

Created: 24 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
Hi Folk,

There are total 10 drives configured in my NetBackup Media server (8 shared + 2 not shared). I've configured the NetBackup Vault to duplicate data from one tape library to 2nd tape library. Duplication is time consuming task so I want to dedicate only 2 non shared drives. Is it possible to reserve any specific drives in NetBackup, alternatively is there any way I can tell NetBackup to write on nonshared drives first and if not available then use other shared drives. 

I found couple of suggests for restore but that one is not resolving my problem. Any thoughts from your side.

Look forward for your reply.

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If shared and non-shared drives are in the same STU definition, there is no way to dedicate non-shared drives only. Drives in STU are used in load-balancing way.

We don't have enough information about the duplication process, but have you gone through the recommendations in Vault Admin Guide to ensure that duplications are not made across the network? Duplications should run at optimum drive speed if you can ensure that duplications are done using the SAN, not LAN.

To limit the number of drives used for duplications, look at 'number of read drives' in the vault profile. The same number of write drives will be required as read drives, e.g:
Read Drives = 2
Write Drives = 2

The above will leave 4 drives free for backups.

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