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Reset Task Agent - Failing

Created: 26 Nov 2013 | 2 comments

Good afternoon,

I am having some serious issues with our Symantec CMP 7.1 application.  For some reason starting on Oct 30th every single PC on our site is getting a RESET TASK AGENT FAILED.

I need to find a solution for these errors.  Any help would be appreciated.   

Status Detail:

"The task was killed because it took longer than the allowed time. To change the time go to the task's advanced properties."


Operating Systems:

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And use the Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics (RAAD) tool to see what's going on on the client. Download and execute are two separate phases so make sure first that it's gettting downloaded or why not

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Or Try this

In the task, click Advanced.., then select the Run Options tab, then select 'Current logged-on user,' then ensure you're running in /passive and not /quiet or /silent in your first run through. You want the progress bar because this will also allow error messages or prompts to be exposed to the logged on user. If we were doing an .msi, we'd say that you want to do /qb instead of /qn the first pass through.

Although patches are usually predictable, I usually install the software once manually, taking note of what I can select through the interface. These are the things I'll need to specify using /switches. Then I attempt to use those switches properly, referring to sites like and product documentation, while combining it with a /passive or /qb switch and executing it manually. Finally, if that goes well, you'll make it /quiet, /silent, /qn, etc, and run it a last time manually. With that succeeding, you pull it into Altiris and deliver it using Altiris. (Sometimes when I pull it into Altiris I will revert to /qb or /passive as a first-time Altiris test.)