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'Reset Task Agent' Task

Created: 12 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

We run the 'Reset Task Agent' task on our machines pretty regularly with the option ‘Check NS for an updated site server list’ checked, to address machines that may move from one site, to another (i.e. we don’t want a laptop that travels between sites regularly to pull updates from the wrong sites).

We also use this to address annoying issue with deployment: you have a machine that is at a small site that has a site server, but it is not a deployment server. You bring the machine back to the main campus to image the machine. If the PXE (deployment) server you connect to is different than the site server you are associated with, the image fails.  So we run this task on the machine when it is back at the main campus before we run the image.

I am trying to determine how we can turn this into a policy (so we don’t have to schedule the task so frequently), or how we can do this from the DB or the NS server.

Has anyone experienced these same frustrations, or does anyone know of a good solution?

I appreciate any help.

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Can't you include a Task in a Managed Software Delivery policy? From the Add button? I don't have a live system in front of me at the mo.

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I created filters with the query builder based on IP adress for each of our sites so clients are manually assigned to site servers based on their IP address...

We have multiple sites with fast links to one another and multiple sites that have several subnets so this was the only good way for us to get clients talking to the site servers that we desired, instead of what they were auto-picking.  I was finding that assigning subnets to sites within sites and servers was not working completely, especially within the preboot environment.