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Resetpass.bat is not in Tools folder

Created: 30 Apr 2012 | 5 comments
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Resetpass.bat is not in Tools folder


Resetpass.bat is not in the Tools folder.


Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 has a new and safer mechanism to reset passwords. To reset the password, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the Manager logon screen. The old method for removing passwords has been removed.


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So does this mean if you download entire Software of Sepm which includes all the folders still it wont be in there ?

example no support folder ...

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The "no support" folder is still there, just the tools have changed.  Some are simply no longer existing, such as resetpass.bat

This is new to SEP 12.1

Previous versions of 11.x still have this file and capability to reset the Admin user and password to default.

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Nice solution eh: send the password by e-mail.
Im running SEP on a standalone computer having no internet connection.

No-brainer, no way to reset the password!

Anyone a solution?

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the reset password is meant for the SEP Manager.

If the system were the SEPM is installed is not connected to Internet, how does it get the AV definitions?

If you have a big environment where SEPM is getting definitions from an internal LiveUpdate server, don't you have your own internal email server too hence no need for internet connection to send an email?



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Ya still you can reset the password when there is symantec support...

Create a case with symantec they can provide or create the resetpass.bat file for the SEP 12.1 to reset the password...

We did it successfully for lot of our customers it worked...

Hope this helps......

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