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Reason / cause of mail are not archived in Enterprise vault

Created: 23 Jan 2014 • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 | 5 comments's picture


we found some time user mail are not archived, what is resone behind this??????

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Hello Sandeep,

Can you explaing a littile bit more about the scenario...

Are you taking Some user Mailbox are not getting archived in the schedule archiving ??

Or it doesn't gets archive when you do a Manaul Run now on the archives ??

If its not get archived in the schedule archive, then you should run the archiving task in report mode and see if that User Mailbox have any eligible items to be archived.

Also you can check if you schedule is long enough to cater all the mailbox in one single archiving schedule..

Check the EnterpriseVaultEventLog to see if any warning or error appears realted to the affected user.

Some times it could be that the Qouta limit has reached on the exchange server due to whcih Archivingtask cannot archive the mailbox.

There could be many reasons..

You need to narrow down the issue to find out the root cause...

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Dear Ajay..

Nice to you see ..............

I know your the best in EV support,

Enterprise vault woking fine. just want to know reason why it is not archive? . e.g like corrupted mail in box, running EV backup,

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Hi Sandeep,

If EnterpriseVaultStore are in Backupmode then it is as good as a Read Only Mode, that is the reason why archiving will not happen when EV is in Backupmode.

I guess you wanna know the reason where Enterprise Vault May not archive..

There could be many reasons, Few reason would be..

  1. User is Disabled for archive
  2. Mailbox qouta limit
  3. Hidden Message is corrupted on the Mailbox 
  4. User Disabled in AD
  5. Hidden from Global address list.
  6. No eligible items to be archived

And there could be many.. the best way to deal with this kind of issue is

  1. Run the MailboxArchving Task in report mode and see if the Mailbox is listed and hav eligible items to be archived.
  2. Then Run a Manual archive on the specific mailbox and see if items are getting archive to isolate whether schedule is the problem or the Mailbox.
  3. Then you can inititate a Dtrace if a Manaul run now didn't archived items in the mailbox
  4. You can also check the event log to find any event logged realted to the affected users..

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Dear Ajay..

Thank you very much ….Ajay

This information I want.........

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Hi Sandeep,

My pleasure..

Could you please mark this post as solved !!!