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Resoter VHD with snapshots

Created: 30 Aug 2013 • Updated: 23 Sep 2013 | 1 comment
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We backup our hyper-v virtual machine with BE 2010 R2. one of these virtual machine has muliple snapshot. now I wnat to restore this machine. I did restore the backup to an folder, now when open the folder see 1 vhd and 3 .avhd. I know that I have to merg the avhad. so I did follow these steps:

1. rename the most recent avhd to vhd.

2. In Hyper-V manager, select "Edit Disk..." from the "Actions" menu.

3.On the next screen browse to the Snapshot Differencing Disk file that was just renamed in step-1.

4. On the next screen select the Merge option and Next.

5. Select the "To Parent Virtual Hard Disk" option and Next.

After this was finished I was left with 1 vhd and 2 avhd. should I now again rename the new avhd that was created to a vhd and follow the above steps? and then when this is finish I have to again rename the new avhd (this would be the last one) and then follow the above steps untill I left with only one vhd and then create a new  virtual machine with this new vhd. is this correct?


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You could merge the snapshots manually performing these steps:
1. Make a copy of the VHD and its corresponding AVHD files.
2. Rename the AVHD extension to VHD.
3. Write down the order of the disks from youngest to oldest (the oldest should be the root VHD). You can do this by looking at the last modified time stamp on the origional AVHD files, find the one that last changed. And find the last one that changed before it.
4. In the Hyper-V manager, open the Edit Disk wizardBrowse to the youngest VHD in the chain, then choose 'reconnect' to point to the next youngest (the one that came before).
5. Open the Edit Disk wizard a second time and merge.
Repeat steps above until you have only a single VHD.