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Resotring on HP Blade BL20P

Created: 10 May 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
I  have created backup  from the  SESR 8.0 of HP BL20 P G2 server   and saved  the image to netowrk  drive on san. I am trying to test  restore by booting through the recovery disk.
After assisnging ip address to the network adaper nothing happends. It cannot ping any host on the network, gateway not the san where image is located.
Issue : It looks lke its not able to load netowrk drivers.
Any one  has used this product on  HP blade servers ?
It is dead slow to launc  the app it takes 15 - 20 minutes to launch the revocery gUI.
What drivers does it need  I  have tried HP NC-Series Drivers for DOS NDIS2 drivers and HP NC-Series Broadcom Driver for Windows Server 2003  from the  HP website none of them  work.
Is ther a universal driver for Blade servers  ? How can I create custome ERD disk  ?
One more think to remember is HP blade is using teaming  and automatically select nic3 in the assign  IP address tab.
Name of the NIc is Broadcoam net extream gigabyte ethernet.
Any help will be appreceated .
Thanks a lot!

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Since the Symantec Recovery Disk for Backup Exec System Recovery 7 and 8 are based on Microsoft Windows Vista you may need to contact HP and see if they have a Vista driver or even a Windows Server 2008 driver available.  One other thing you might try is using a different version of the 2003 driver from HP's website which may be more compatible.
Here is the link to our knowledge base article on creating a custom Symantec Recovery Disk in Backup Exec System Recovery 8.