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ResourceTarget Purging

Created: 24 Apr 2013 | 4 comments


we are using CMS 7.1. If we create Managed Software Delivery (MSD) and apply it to some filter - resourceTarget is created (in XML view of this MSD task I see only resourceTarget GUID to which it is pointed, not the GUID of filter itself). After delete of MSD the resourceTarget item still remains in table Item (and other tables) in database.

My question is if these ResourceTarget rows are deleted from the table sometime?frown

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Hi Lendy,

HOWTO60731 ( have the steps to delete the target from the item table. Is recommended to always have a SQL database backup before manual changes in the database.

In this HOWTO there are four steps and sql querys:

Step 1 is to find the targed GUID. Replace ANYPC by the target name.

Use Symantec_CMDB
             select * from Item where name like 'ANYPC '

Step 2 is to check if it have any relation.

 Use Symantec_CMBD
            select * from ItemReference where ChildItemGuid like '2hgh-GUID FROM THE FIRST QUERY-5bbi32'

Step 3 use it only when you will get any results from Step 2 we need to break any relation that exist.

Use Symantec_CMDB
            delete from ItemReference where ParentGuid like ‘PARENTGUID FROM STEP 3’ and ChildGuid like 'GUID FROM Step1'

Step 4 is to delete it from item table

 USE Symantec_cmdb
           delete from Item where name like 'ANYPC '


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Hi Luke,

thank you for answer, but I am interested if Altiris is doing this cleanup automatically when MSDs are deleted etc... To avoid having thousands of resource targets without items associated with them...

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Hi Lendy,

Notification Server don´t cleanup automattically the named targets. Because named targets can be reused by another policy or task.

To remove targets that are no longer in use or targets that are have been created by mistake, use the steps mentioned up.


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So it means, when I am normally working with Management Console (creating filters, planning MSDs to perform software updates) and I will delete old MSDs and filters, I must then manually delete also resource targets in database? I didn't create them - they was automatically created during setting in MSD Apply to property so I expect that after delete of MSD they will be also deleted, or not?

I don't know if we understand each other correctly Luke, that are not resource targets created by me manually...

Thank you