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REST Webservice Caller

Created: 18 Mar 2013 • Updated: 18 Mar 2013 | 8 comments

Hi, This is a recurrent issue with Workflow Solution:

Is there a REST WebService caller component for Workflow Server???

This is driving us crazy when integrating with other vendors such as VMWare, Goolge and many others.

Please any suggestions on how to workaround on this?

Specifically we need to invoke a Restful WS and parse the XML response it provides...

Operating Systems:

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Yes there is a REST Webservice generator. However, you need a beta key to get it enabled. It's beta because the interface is very "rough".

In the meantime, f you don't have a beta key, you can try using the HTTP Post/HTTP Get component to try and get what you need accomplished.

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I have the REST web service generator and as reecardo says there's basically no documentation on how to set it up. I've asked a few people from Symantec and they don't know either as the setup wizard is pretty poor and doesn't tell you anything.

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Please contact technical support to get a beta key generated to enable the use of the REST components. 

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Can we get some documentation or a short video on how to setup the REST generator?

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I'm intereseted in figuring out how it works as well. We're looking at doing some integration with OpManager which uses REST. Does anyone have a working solution or something to go off of?

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I also have need of this in the near future.  When will we see full (non-beta) support for REST web service calls?

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When you contact support to get your beta key you will need to provide the Machine ID key from your Workflow server. Here are the steps to get the Machine ID for the server.

  1. Right Click on the Task Tray tool and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Beta Functionality Section and put a check in 'Enable Beta Features'
  3. Copy the generated Machine ID key.