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Restore all archived data for one user back to domino server

Created: 25 Apr 2013 • Updated: 03 May 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I know we can use restore option in menu bar to restore archived notes to mailfile, but is there any way I can restore everything back to mailfile at one go?

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You can user the Archive Exporter

Domino Archive Exporter example

Domino Archive Exporter example
HOWTO57892 | 2013-01-18
How To | CMS-XML

About Domino Archive Exporter

About Domino Archive Exporter
HOWTO57890 | 2013-01-18
How To | CMS-XML

Domino Archive Exporter syntax

/A Identifies the Enterprise Vault Domino archive from which to export items. /ED
HOWTO57891 | 2013-01-18
How To | CMS-XML
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You can refer above technote articles, which explains how to export Domino Archive to NSF/Mailfile. But keep in mind that using this option, all archived items will be restored back to All Documents view. Which means, emails/notes from folders/sub-folders will not be restored at original location.

You can refer the technote below, which will guide you in order to restore items to appropriate folders.

User created folder structures are not maintained when exporting archives to NSF with EVDominoExporter

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The approaches above are both valid with regards to exporting a Domino archive to an NSF file but I suspect you were hoping for an answer that would provide more of a complete 'rollback' solution for an archived mail file - i.e. exports data from an archive back to a mail file, replaces all the shortcuts with the original item, and maintains existing folder hierarchy of those updated items?

The answer to whether we have such 'rollback' functionality available (or an NSF Export wizard that matches the functionality of PST Export) is, I am afraid, No

You could in theory perform mass restores on a mail file by mail file basis by creating a view, based on the Inbox design, that contains only shortcut items - view selection criteria =

SELECT EV_Flags="ShortCut"

Opening that view, select all the documents in it, then select More\Enterprise Vault Restore to initiate a mass restore. This will howevere be time intensive, lock that client for the duration and is possibly also prone to process / memory issues. Additionally, it will not help if your business need is to rollback / mass restore many mail files.

What exactly is the business need / use case that prompted this post? Ultimately the functionality you are looking for is an enhancement request so I would recommend you flag that to your Symantec sales team if you have a justifiable business use case, but if this is a specific localized issue / scenario (i.e. only one or two users) that rollback can help resolve, it may be worth also opening a support case and asking that it get escalated to Engineering, as we may be able to assist with some other means to automate such a rollback if the use case is justifiable.



Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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Thanks Paul, I am justing testing these things so there is no need as such. I want to be sure if any thing comes in future for the same then I am well ready for it. Anyways I have enough of idea for this thing now. I have tried export to nsf directly as per Tony's suggestion and as Advisor's comment, all archived items are exported can be only seen in All Documents section. As of now I can live with the work around told by advisor which might suffice the need of my testing. Atleast I now know that complete rollback is not yet possible.Thanks all of you..