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Restore all emails from Vault silently

Created: 05 Jul 2012 | 12 comments

Does anybody knows how to restore all emails from vault for a mailbox, using any form of scripts?

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I don't believe there are any scripts for this feature (not with EVPM as far as I know). if there are I Would like to know too :-). The only way that I know of is via the EV admin console using the export archives to oringal mailboxes wizard. The current limit to export is 10,000 archives.

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If this is a SINGLE mailbox, or a FEW.. just export the archive back from the VAC, to the mailbox(es).

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I have a completly unsupported python script to do this that will effectivly export an archive to a collection of PST files, but it is COMPLETLY unsupported. Like Rob said, the best way would be to use the supported methods through the VAC, although my script can be ran from remote machines as a normal user if needed.

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Thanks for the soluions. Mind to send me the script? I am looking at unarchiving hundreds of mailboxes.

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I didn't realise it was for that many mailboxes! My script would be quite unsuitable in that case, and would take much, much longer than if you used the supported methods in the VAC.

Are you looking to restore back to the individual mailboxes?


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Ok, I hadn't appreciated you wanted to restore back to mailboxes, my script does not do that, sorry! Restoring hundreds of mailboxes back to exchange is a big task, and is going to put a big load on both exchange and EV, so I wouldn't reccomend anything other than the supported VAC-based methods.

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Python, smython... I've got python scripts which are OLDER than you :)  (Sorry couldn't resist, won't hijack the thread any further.. nothing to see here, move along please)

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And please remember that the export from the VAC will do multiple archives at a time, back to the original mailboxes.  I mean, it sounds perfect...  do you see a problem with it?  Have you tried it in a lab?

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I agree that exporting from the VAC is ideal and should be the approach taken. If you should only want to restore items with shortcuts... we have an app that will do that . If you need to know more let me know and I will have someone get in touch with you on it. If you want everything in the archive... then I would suggest the VAC. Last I knew ... I was having some issues with having it delete all the shortcuts after the export... but that is not too hard to clean up.

I hope this helps .. If you no longer needed help or someone above posted and resolved your issue ... please flag the posting as being resolved to concerve the efforts of those attempting to help where it is most needed. Many thanks...


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3rd party tool. TransVault for sure. Others might do the same.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS