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"Restore" button Greyed out (BE 2012)

Created: 26 Jan 2014 • Updated: 26 Jan 2014 | 6 comments

Just made Full backup yesterday. Today I find "Restore" Greyed Out.

Why ??

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Double-click on the backup set and make your restore selection first.

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I have tried but "Restore" still greyed.

Just found "Restore" can be selected on "HKFS1" but not "hkfs1".

Since hkfs1 was added manually and HKFS1 added automatically after agent installation.

Is this the problem ?? Why ??

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Probably HKFS1 has a backup set and hkfs1 does not

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Just created new backp set in HKFS1 (Full + Diff.).

Since Full backup ran yesterday in hkfs1. Same tape will be used.

I want to make Diff. backup tobight, but no Full backup is recoginzed.

Do I need to make FULL backup again in HKFS1 ??

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Yes. Otherwise, you would not be able to run your differential backup