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Restore Button not available

Created: 19 Aug 2013 | 10 comments


I did some successful backups (only filesystem) of a Windows Server by Symantec Backup Agent.

But if I try to restore, the button ist greyed out.

Any ideas why?

Best Regards,


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Peter, have you selected the server in the Backup/Restore tab. Once you selected the server, the restore button should get enabled.

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Yes, I have selected the server.

Other work fine, just this one is greyed out.

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Phoenigs , 

   if possible could you please provide us with a screen shot showing the issue ?

I hope this posting was helpful


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Here you can see the "Restore" (Wiederherstellung) is greyed out.

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Hmmmm when you rght click on the the server do you see the option to restore greyed out as well?


And what about the other server?? do you see the same behavior when selecting the other server?

I hope this posting was helpful


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yes, right click on the option to restore is greyed out as well.

Other server can be restored, the button is not greyed out!

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Make sure you have all the live updates installed and the agents pushed out,

if still a problem try running a repair in Programs and Features

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I think it would be better to open a support ticket and have the issue investigated by Technical Support

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This might also occur if you there is no Catalog files available for the servers that you're trying to restore. Try the following.

- Double-click the server and choose JOB HISTORY on the left-side panel.

- Double click the successful job log.

- Expand 'Device and Media Information' and locate the tapes/media that was used.

- Go to STORAGE tab and double-click SLOTS (if it is a robotic library), locate the tape.

- Right-click the tape and choose Inventory and Catalog.

- Once the Catalog job is complete, check if you've got the RESTORE button enabled for those servers.

NOTE:    Catalog job is expected to run for a long time, equivalent to time taken for backup.

Hope this helps!!

Hope this helps!! Kindly, mark this as solution if it resolves your issue.