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Restore a complete machine

Created: 18 Oct 2013 • Updated: 22 Oct 2013 | 12 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have been restoring individual files and folders. But have never done a complete restoration of a windows 2003 machine. The situation is that there was a windows 2003 server that was being backed up. I have the tapes that were used to back up that server. It has 2 images on it See attached screen shots. One is a normal backup and one is a true image backup. When I open BAR and click select to restore I have the option to restore from normal backup and restore from true image backup. The server has been de-commissioned and has been utilized as an application server.  My delima is that I need to restore the server from the backup tapes.

I do not know how to do that. Could I be pointed to some HOWTO Tech docs on how to do this. Or can someone guide me as how to even go about doing this oor is it even possible to bring up the server with the tapes that I have?

The original backup was done with NBU 7.1 and currently we are on NBU windows 2008R2.

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RamNagalla's picture

hi Sanwaz,

below is the tech note that you need to follow for WIndows full sytem restore

Good luck

Nicolai's picture

You can't use true image restore for system recovery as I recall it. Use the tech note Nagalla provided.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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snawaz3's picture

can this restore work on a vm or do I have to build a physical macjine?

RamNagalla's picture


please try to use the same or Simpler machine as the Source... 

see the note from the Tech note that I have proviced above.. 

The guide is intended for restore back to the original machine.  If the machine is damaged and replaced with another machine (regardless of being 99.999% identical make/model) this is no longer considered the original machine.  You may attempt to treat it like an original restore (using w2koption), but there is a risk that restore will result in a non-bootable system (if this is the case, retry without w2koption).  For non-original system restore do not use w2koption.  If target is not the original, the larger the difference from the original machine, the lower the success rate of a bootable system.

snawaz3's picture

Yes. I saw that and that was why my question. The machine is no longer available. Is there a way I van find out from the tape the sp level of the os. I believe it was 2003 but how can I confirm this? 

Marianne's picture

 Is there a way I can find out from the tape the sp level of the os...

LOL! You are expecting WAY too much from NBU!

It is up to the Server owners to keep track of OS patch level.

With different hardware/VM to restore to, and no BMR backup (that supports restore to different hardware), I would ask the OS support team/Server owner to install OS, install Apps and then use NBU to restore data only (no OS, no Program Files).

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RamNagalla's picture

yes... Marianne is correct...

.. that is your OS admin responsiblity to provide the required details and the server..

if your OS team is not sure.. you can ask the config files which says about the OS and hardware details and restore them to the alternate client or location to get the details of it..

snawaz3's picture

can you elaborate on the sentence ' you can ask the config filesabout the OS and hardware details'. Where would I find the config files?

RamNagalla's picture

yah... that is the one your OS admin can tell you.... what are the files that he can look to determine the OS and config details of the server....not sure what are those for Windows... if there is any or not...

snawaz3's picture

This looks like a lost case. To many variables not in my control. To avoid this in future should I have BMR selected in my policies. Will that allow me to restore from the backup tapes to a vm? Would I still have to have the same OS and patch level?

RamNagalla's picture

if your clients are VMs you need to go for VADP backups.. that would really help you in case of Full system loss...

look into the VMware backup method in Netbackup

Marianne's picture

As per my previous post - offer System owners to restore data only. Let them install OS and application after which you can restore data.

BMR is more than just a tick in the policy.

You need to config a boot server for each OS 'flavour' and then perform tests to ensure config is working.

Please take your time and read through NBU for BMR manual:

HOWTO videos posted by Symantec employee:

 NetBackup-BMR 701 release: Windows 2008 client Physical machine to virtual machine restore (Part1)

 NetBackup-BMR 701 release: Windows 2008 client Physical machine to virtual machine restore (Part2)

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