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Restore crashed Server and virtual machine from backup Exec

Created: 21 Apr 2014 | 8 comments

Hi There,

I have backup exec 2010 installed on server 2008 attached with HP tape drive , I installed backup Exec agent on some virtual machine and physical servers.

Just wondering if the servers some how get crashed due to loss of data , how would I be able to restore the virtual machine and physical server since the tape drive is not connected to the server being backedup ?

Please advise.

Many Thanks

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Tape drive has to be connected to the Media Server (server where Backup Exec is installed) and not 

to the remote servers which are being backedup.

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So the answer given isn't helpful.

What you'd need to do is have 1of the 2 available:

1. The ability to repair the broken media server (assuming physical hardware issues, or an OS corruption). For this you'd need to have backups of the Data/Catalogs folders and the System State of the meia server too. Reinstall the OS, install BE and then restore the Data/Catalogs folders and System State to bring the media server to its original status. The big plus here is that you don't need a standby server.

2. Hav a standby server with a compatible HBA to handle the tape library. Restore the Data/Catalogs folders and System State onto this server which will rename the server to the broken media server and give it the same IP address. Alternatively just switch to the server by connecting the tape library to it.

These are the only 2 options you have. Making BE a virtual media server (if you wanted to do so) is also strictly not supported.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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The tape drive cannot be attached to the remote server.  It has to be attached to the media server.  You then use the media server to recover the remote server.  You either use IDR or manual recovery.  For IDR, read the chapter on IDR in the Admin Guide.

For manual recovery, read the Preparing for Disaster Recovery chapter in the Admin Guide.

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What it the vm on server 1 fails,, how can I restore it if the backup is already on Tape . 

where can I get the admin guide for backup exec?

What if server 2 fails.. how can I restore it . 

Please advise. 

Many Thanks

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Admin Guide link:

If you did a GT backup to tape it will need to stage to disk. The default location is C:\Temp and you need as much free space on disk as the VM is big.

You'd simply run a normal restore of the VM and point it to the Virtual Center.

If it was just the files and folders from the VM, then you need to deploy a new VM from within VMware and then restore the files and folders after installingthe RAWS agent.


EDIT: You can also refer to the video below:

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Whilst Craig's answer is correct - it does depend on whether you did a remote agent backup or a VMWare agent backup of your virtual machines. You do not specify the type of backup performed and his "normal restore of the VM" comment does assume that you used the Vmware agent to backup the virtual machines.

If you did a traditonal remote agent backup then you will either have to manually install an operating system and the remote agent before restoring, or make use of Simplified Disater Recovery (if your selections etc make this a valid option)

EDIT: your diagram is too small for me to really see what Server1 and Server2 are, however if you lose the ESX host then you will have to re-install the ESX software first as we do not backup the host software.

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Thanks allot for your reply, if did help me for information I need .

From the statements above I understand that If a virtual machine is crashed, I need to reinstall the OS and then I will have to restore C: drive on that virtual machine. 

Another question I want to ask is if I had a full backup of a vitual machine in server 1 including all Hard drives on that virtual machine, can I restore the OS along with most recent backup to a virtual machine without any operating system (we use to do the same in Symantec Ghost).


Kind Regards,

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As long as we are only talking about how to restore the virtual machine (and not the Backup Exec Media Server or the host of the virtual machine) then whether or not you need to install the operating system depends on if you did a VMware agent backup or a traditional remote agent backup - which actually does give 3 possible choices:

1) Vmware backup of virtual machine = no need to install an Operating system just restore the virtual machine directly into your virtual environment. This needs a virtual agent license but is the easiest/fastest method to restore a complete virtual machine

2) Traditional remote agent backup where either IDR or SDR suitable backup jobs have run = no need to install an operating system just make sure you have a (tested) bootable ISO image for the IDR or SDR DVD that can be used to boot up an empty Virtual machine in order to restore everything else. This is more complicated and has more steps than the VMware restore and does need an agent for Windows license

3) Traditional remote agent backup where IDR or SDR are not available = install virtula machine operating system into the VM in a workgroup configuration withoriginal name, install the remote agent softwrae and then setup manual restore jobs. This is much more complicated and will take a lot longer and still needs an agent for Windows license