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Restore data from a retired server from tape

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 23 Sep 2015 | 4 comments
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I have the need to restore data from a server that was life-cycled several months ago.  The replacement server was named something different.

When I am in the restore wizard I can see the old server listed and I can drill down into the server and see the options that were backed up (Share, Shadow Copy, etc).  When I drill down into the share I need I can see all the dates of the backups listed, however they appear to have an error on them (yellow triangle), and then when I drill down further it is blank.  If I just select one of the backup dates I get the following message:

This is hard to do on a server that no longer available.  Am I doing something wrong?  When I removed the Backup job for this server from Backup Exec, did it delete all references to the old servers?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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You would have deleted the old server from the selection list after decommissioning the server.

That said, your restore process is as follows:

1. Put tape in and run an Inventory job.

2. Catalog the tape.

3. Start the restore wizard and select the correct date.

4. Choose to redirect your restore to another server with a RAWS agent on. If it was an application server, make sure that application is running on the target server.


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Craig, thanks for your reply, one question, your step 1, are you talking about a blank tape, or the tape that has the data on it?

If it is the tape with the data, that is another issue, as I am not sure which tape is needed, we have several hundred tapes and the data I am looking for was deleted at somepoint so I will need to find the most recent data before it was deleted.



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It would have to be the tape you want to restore from.

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An inventory job tells BE what tape is in the tape drive, so if you are going to catalog a tape, you need to put in the tape with the data that you are trying to catalog.

If the catalog entries for the tapes you mentioned had been deleted, you would have to inventory and catalog all your tapes, and then search through them for the files that you want.  You would just have to expand the server in the restore selection and search for the most recent one.  There is no easy way to do the search.