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Restore from Disk ... stuck on Loading Media.

Created: 24 Mar 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 1 comment

Created through Backup to disk. Max size for backup to disk files - 25gb
I want to restore some files but it shows up as Loading media. I have 4 files that we created. Media lable 179-182
Under Devices tab it is constantly stuck on the Media Label 179 and shows up as Loding Media under the Job Status.
I am not sure if it is trying to retrive the data in sequence of the file?? Or is just plain not working.
The 4 files sums up to about 94Gigs of data.

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My Backup to Disk created 4 files when I backed up my system. I then back these files onto a tape. The reason being I dont have an extra tape drive and the tape on my current system cannot suppot more that 88gigs. Which is why I backup to disk and then disk to tape.
I now want to restore some files which I restored from a tape to the HDD but cannot get it from the HDD to the system.
The device tab shows loading and is stuck on the first Media Label file. Does not move to the next.
Under the job monitor the Job Status shows loading media.
Has anyone seen this before???