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Restore Exchange 2003 to a different server w/ stores dismounted

Created: 05 Jun 2013

I have two Exchange 2003 servers in the same Admin Group (not clustered) and both can be seen from the Exchange System Manager.

I want to see if I can restore the backups from Exchange1 to Exchange2 while the Exchange2 data stores are dismounted.

Both Exchange servers are at the same patch/ hotfix version (V6.5, Build 7638.2: SP2)

I want to do this a a sort of poor man's stand-by server. I've gone through the Exchange and Backup Exec 10.0 restore procedures and am still confused.

If this can be done, is there a "cookbook" procedure that I can follow for this?

How do I ensure that the stores on Exchange2 are not automatically remounted after the restore is complete.

I have an RSG created on Exchange2, but from my reading, restore to the RSG does not restore the Public Folder Store, just the Mailbox Store.

Any advise, links, charms, prayers, etc... would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


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