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Restore from Exchange 2010 DAG

Created: 22 Jan 2013 | 11 comments

When I launch a restore of one message, sometimes is correct and sometimes I have the network error

"1: (23) socket read failed" and after 15 minutes, another job appears with this error "1: (42) network read failed". This last job has a client that is my CAS.

If I launch the restore 3 times, thenit works ok

If i delete the cache in the master and media servers,(bpclntcmd -cear_host_cache)  the restore fails again.

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what is the file Browse Time out and Media server connect time out Values?

did you try to increasing those timeout Vaules?

if not , please try and let us know the output..

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you can see that in Master/Media server Host properties ---

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The timeout value is 300, i think i can not grow it....because it's very high value. 

when the restore works fine, they connect in seconds

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I presume that this is a GRT Exchange restore that you are doing as you say it is a restore of one message.

Lots of things to get right here to make it as smooth as possible.

Make sure you have good DNS and if not use hosts files on Master, Media all mailbox and CAS servers.

Make sure that your Distributed Application Mappings in the Master Servers Host properties are setup correctly and perhaps use a proxy restore host if you are not already

You amy well need to increase the client read timeout for GRT restores - it is 300 by default as you have set, which is only 5 minutes and the system needs to mount and ready the backup image before it can start to restore it so you may well need more. The original hardcoded bpcd and bpdbm timeouts were 10 minutes and these had to be changed in later versions of NetBackup to cope with GRT restores.

I would try 900 to start with.

It also helps to have your fragment size for the disk storage unit kept to a reasonable size - i use 5000MB for GRT customers as it helps mount and locate the files much faster

Hope all or some of this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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My firewall was not correct. Now is working fine.

Now I have another question: I'm trying ti restore GRT from a mailbox backed on Exchange2003 under the same mailbox migrated to Exchange2010. The error is this:

  • 12:12:04 (482752.001) Restoring from copy 1 of image created Sat Jan 5 19:00:32 2013
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) MNR - Unable to open source file
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) MNR - The following file was not restored:
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) UTF - \\wmail\Microsoft Information Store\Grupo 1\Almacen Usuarios Seguros 1
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) UTF - Unable to locate for restore: Microsoft Information Store\Grupo 1\Almacen Usuarios Seguros 1\Zorrakin, Jon [jzorrakin]\Top of Information Store\Bandeja de entrada\Calendario 2013 <0000000061231349624ccf4d88a0905386633e370700877231f353b511479100b37f381547930000401e07a80000877231f353b511479100b37f381547930000465aef930000>
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) INF - GRE EXITING WITH STATUS = 0
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) INF - GRE RESTORED 0 OF 2 FILES SUCCESSFULLY
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) INF - GRE KEPT 0 EXISTING FILES
  • 12:17:12 (482752.001) INF - GRE PARTIALLY RESTORED 1 FILES
  • 12:17:15 INF - Server status = 2810
  • 12:17:16 ( INF - Status = MS-Exchange-Server policy restore error.
  • 12:17:16 INF - Server status = 5
  • 12:17:18 ( INF - Status = the restore failed to recover the requested files.

Is that posible or i have to migrate the mailbox to Exchange2003 previous to restore?

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You would need to do a redirected restore - not only to the different server but also the path will need to be completely changed

Find a recent backup of his mailbox on 2010, select an item and see what the path to his mailbox is now and try that.

Not 100% sure if a 2003 to 2010 reatore will work anyway but if it will the destination server and the path to the mailbox will need to be changed

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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The structure of exchange 2010 and 2003 is to different, you cannot restore an exchange 2003 mailbox to an exchagne 2010

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Thank you Mark but I've tried to change the destination path  and no results.

Then, I'm forced to mantain the Exchange2003 platform to restore from old backups? and migrate back the mailboxes from 2010 to 2003 to restore items?, Is not there another solution?

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After some digging it would appear, at least in terms of NetBackup (and pretty much all other software), that it is not possible.

Your choice is to either keep a 2003 server around for such restores or to purchase something like OnTrack Data Control.

OnTrack is a handy bit of software that emulates exchange and allows you to restore a database to the PC or Server it is installed on (from NetBackup) after which you can extract the individual message directly from it. It can also directly read from NetBackup tapes if it has a tape drive attached.

Of course if mailboxes have been migrated they no longer exist on the 2003 server so you cannot use GRT backups either and would need to restore the Information Store to a RSG and then extract the message from that.

I have a few customers that use it and have a PC setup with a standalone tape drive and use it for non GRT Restores.

Another alternative is to also use Enterprise Vault, especially with the Journal Option (doesn't help now unless you already have EV installed but worth bearing in mind for the future)

Hope this helps (or not as the case may be!)

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Kindly follow the steps in below technote , Your problem will be resolved which is about

"How to manually test NetBackup Granular Restore Technology (GRT) NFS connections between media server and client"

and if it helps , make it Mark as Solution