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Restore Fail : Access denied

Created: 12 Dec 2013 • Updated: 12 Dec 2013 | 13 comments

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Hello everybody

I have backup shedule daily with have not any error. But when I restore from tape catridge then :

  • If file size <10Gb. I restore is OK
  • If file size >10Gb example : 30 GB. I only restore around 10GB and show message "Access Denied"

Please help me ..!


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Jaydeep S's picture

What data are you restoring? Not able to view the image clearly but it does look like you are attampting to restore some sort of a .bkf file.

pkh's picture

You should not be backing up or restoring any .bkf files or .img folders like they are normal files.  See this document

Reasons why copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended.

You should ALWAYS duplicate your backup sets.

That said, does your disk have any quotas set?

phamduyus's picture

Thanks for your feedbaack

All kinds that my need backup daily

  • *.bkf (backup of windows 2003)
  • *.dmp (oracle backup by export file )
  • *.bak , *.mdf,.. ( backup of SQL server )
  • ...................

I really don't understand why we should not used *.bkf,*.dmp ,... for backup to tape catridge ?


Jaydeep S's picture

What pkh meant was a .bkf file from a backup to disk folder. For details about it, read the link provided by him. As for this file that you are trying to restore, are you using the account that has proper credentials or infact try using the account used by that backup job.

Alternatively, you could try to perform a redirected restore of that file to a different location and see if that works.

phamduyus's picture

yes, when I restore I used same account have backup.

I only restore into redirect restore (different location backup)

pkh's picture
  • *.bkf (backup of windows 2003)

Are the .bkf files created by BE or are they created by NTBackup?

phamduyus's picture

Are the .bkf files created by BE or are they created by NTBackup? => NT backup

pkh's picture

Why are you backing up your server using NTbackup when you can back it up using BE?  Likewise, with your Oracle and SQL, you can backup these databases with the corresponding BE agents.


Note that .mdf and .ldf files are automatically excluded from any BE backups by AFE.


phamduyus's picture

My boss required I used ntbackup. futhermore, I have not BE for Oralce , SQL,..license. Only have BE for windows 2003 license and AOF license


phamduyus's picture

"Note that .mdf and .ldf files are automatically excluded from any BE backups by AFE." ==> that mean can not backup this one by BE ?


pkh's picture


As an aside, is your boss aware that NTBackup is a stripped-down version of BE with a lot less capabilities.

CraigV's picture

...try a restore to the local media server, and follow pkh's advice as this is spot-on to backing up your environment properly.


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