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Restore failed with "invalid error number (2826)"

Created: 11 Apr 2013 | 2 comments

I am doing a restore from tape and get this error message. The job shows as incomplete. I resumed the job and got the same error. Has the job completed with error warnings that some files could not be restored? why does it want to resume? and how do I fix this?

Attched are the detailed status files.

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There are few errors which are self explanatory if you look at

WRN - unable to set short name on restore:

Access is denied etc.

First ensure you are not restoring to same , if it is ensure you select Overwrite even if file exist

Or Redirect restore to another path where you have write permissions to restore

Also verify you are not restoring to cross file system

i.e. from NTFS backup to FAT32 etc.

Check following :

Ensure you have write permissions to destination where restore would be done.

Let us know if above helps

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the folder is being backed up to different drive on the same file server. The folder has been restored but I am worried perhaps the entire contents have not been restored. I say this because I did a test restore the details of the job is attached. But only the .doc and .pdf files got restored. The files beginning with a (.) dot and the thumb.db files did not get restored although the job completed successfully

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test2.docx 16.38 KB