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Restore ghost image files error " decompression error"

Created: 18 Feb 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

Hello all,

GSS 2.5(B2165)


1. Computer#1

I have computer with 160GB hard drive

Partition 1: WinXP

Particion 2: Data

Partion 3: Restore Partition ( with ghost image files inside)


I created the entire disk image from Computer #1


2. Restore to second computer with 250Gb harddrive.

every thing working fine.

if from computer #2 I try to restore image file from partion 3.  I have error " Decompression error".  I could not know why.  both computers have the same hardware ONLY differren is the Harddrive size.






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Eugene Manko's picture

What you are trying to do is to clone from an image while you are cloning over that same image. This process we call "cloning around" or "file preservation" and ghost fully supports it. However if your computer 2 disk is smaller and ghost will try to preserve big image file that resides on partition 3 and partition 3 endup up being shrunk to size smaller than needed to contain this image then you might get this error.


Ghost by default automaticlaly proportianally resizes all partitions to fit to new disk size but if your disk is smaller this could trigger the above effect. Try forcing different partition sizes with-sizee switch or restoring just the first two partitions rather than entire disk.


Good luck.

TuanRS's picture

Hi Eugene,


Thank you for your time.  My computer#2 hard disk(250GB) is bigger than my computer#1 (160GB).  I try to restore from computer#1 to computer#2. than the restore have error. I will try to do what you suggest.  I try to put the -IA switches. it seems to fix the issue but it takes forever to restore image.


recover.exe -IA -clone,mode=prestore,src=c:\img\1\RS.GHO:1,dst=1:1 -sure
recover.exe -IA -clone,mode=prestore,src=c:\img\2\RS.GHO:1,dst=1:2 -sure -rb





Eugene Manko's picture

You dont need to do -IA. IA will capture an entire image sector-by-sector and it will take ages to clone.


Capture an image of your hard driver and then restore just two partitions rather than 3:


ghost -clone,mode=create,src=1,dst=my.gho -batch -sure

ghost -clone,mode=restore,src=1:2\my.gho:1,2,dst=1:1,2 -batch -sure


syntax maybe slightly not right but something along this line - you'll find exact switches in Ghost implementation guide.

TuanRS's picture

Hi Eugene,


Thank you so much for your quick response.  I'm using Recovery kit (with the F3 function key to restore image.)  I already found the solution.