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Restore help - Incremental backup files not showing in Backup Exec 2010

Created: 27 Jun 2014 | 3 comments

I just went to restore a Lotus Domino mail file in Backup Exec 2010. The Daily backup job shows up in Backup Exec and I'm able to restore from that job. Unfortunately I need to go back further than just one day, so I turned to the incremental backups (month/week/day). However, the incremental job and the .bkf files aren't showing up in Backup Exec 2010. The .bkf files are showing up on disk, so the job has been running even though it's not showing up.

How do I get Backup Exec to see all of these incremental backups so I can restore from them? I've inherited this system and frankly don't know much about Backup Exec.

I've attached screenshots of the backup folder structure and the Backup Exec 2010 job list.


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Can you confirm the version of Backup Exec currently in use? You mentioned BE2010. Is it possibly BE 2010R2 or 2010R3. Also providing the version of Lotus would be helpful.

The screen short you provided lists a full backup job. Are you currently still running an incremental backup related to the full? If you go to the disk from the devices tab are the backup sets visible from there?

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Hi Laurie,

It's not 2010R2 or R3 that I'm aware of. The version numbers in the about box are as follows.

Media Server: Version: 13.0 Rev. 2896 (64-bit)
Administration Console: Version 13.0 Rev. 2896 (64-bit)
Desktop and Laptop Option: Version 3.1 Rev. 3.42.48b
FIPS Version: Not Enabled

It has the following installed updates: 

Service Pack 1
Hotfix 358409
Hotfix 354875
Hotfix 138449
Hotfix 354913
Hotfix 141686
Hotfix 153396
Hotfix 162860

There are two jobs that run. The daily full backup and the incremental one. For some reason, only the daily full shows up in the job list. Only the full backup is visible under the device tab. I've attached screenshots of what is visible under the device tab.

Device List.jpg
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The .bkf files are showing up on disk

How do you know this?  Your screenshot just shows a bunch of file folders.  It does not show any actual .bkf files.  How do you relate whatever .bkf files that you think you have to your incremental job.