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Restore issues with DFS and BE2012

Created: 26 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

The backup was done in a previous version of Backup Exec (2010) about 8 months ago.

The issue we are experiencing is with restoring a file that was located on a server (called VSAPPFS01) via the shadow copy method.

When we used to restore to that server it would affect DFS replication and revert files in other directories being edited to previous versions. We are unsure why but it was. We decided to then restore to a non-DFS server and copy the restored files across.

The issue still seems to be occurring even when we do not save to the same server.

Initially we chose to not restore path, permissions, etc for the file but an error occurred stating that the file could not be restored and we needed to back up the file in the newer version and then restore it. (which I cant see how that is possible)

When we chose the default options and saved the file to another server it restored the file but people the next day mentioned that their files have been reverted to previous versions.

Is this a known issue?

The server that has BE on it is a domain controller and has DFS enabled for name spaces, but does NOT do any replications that is done on our file server to backup server.

We have a support ticket with Symatec open and they asked us to disable DFS on the domain controller which lead to all the shares breaking and lots of unhappy users.

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Post DFS data restore, one needs to specify whether it is an authoritative restore or not. This would explain the file version changing when replication is on.

Have a look @ this KB -

Are you able to restore to another file server where DFS is not being used (as a test) ?

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I'll get back to you tomorrow with more details.

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We, well not me I will be on leave, are going to do some testing over the next week or so. I will post an update then.

Is there a proper doc or can you tell me the page number in the doc that describes how to do a proper Symantec approved DFS restore to the same location or an alternative location?