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Restore Lotus Note NSF files

Created: 25 Jan 2013 • Updated: 25 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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Im restoring some NSF files to a Lotus Notes DB but have been asked a couple of questions regarding the restore process which im hoping someone will be able to assists with:

  • If only specific NSF files are required from a tape will it search for these files in sequence?
  • Or will restore request search for particular file tape marker position?
  • What would be the rough estimate restore time for say approximately 130 NSF files, approx. 1TB data, spread across 4 servers?

Bit of a big ask (well virtually impossible) to estimate the restore time for 1TB of data unless anyone already has any benchmarks available??

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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RamNagalla's picture

if the data is in Tape, it always read the data Linear/sequence.

so its need to read all the data to find the exact data that it need to restore.

Estimation restore time depends on lot of factors

1) how backup has been done? multi-plex or not, 

2) speed of your Tape drive and SAN

3) speed of your Network between the Media server and Client

4) load on the media server

5)Mount times

6) Number of tape involved.

7)avaliablity of drives

8)number of files its doing restore (small size and large number of files takes much time)

so the better way to caulate the estimation time is, make sure you have all the tapes and drives avaliable, and start the job, and see how fast its moving  (Kb/sec) , and based on that you can caulate the estimatin time..(i am sure its not accurate)

hope this make some sense.