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Restore Mailbox Store to another exchange server using backup exec 11d

Created: 05 Nov 2012 | 6 comments


I need to recover a mailbox from a backup but I do not have enough space on the exchange server to restore a copy to there. I have installed ms exchange on a virtual server and I want to restore the backup to there but I am unsure of how to do this. When I try to restore to a shared folder on this virtual server I get an error: if you redirect the restore of a Microsoft 2000 later storage group or database and you also select the No Loss Restore OPtion, the database may not be able to mount after the restore.

Any ideas on this?



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Are you attempting to restore a mailbox (GRT or Brick level) or complete mailbox Store. Here are some considerations -

1. The Exchange Server that you are restoring to needs have the Same organization Name and the Administrative Group name need to be the same as the original Server.

2. What is the version of exchange that you are restoring. If this is exchange 2000/2003 and snapshot backup (AOFO enabled) then it can't be redirected to another Exchange Server. However, you would be able to redirect restore the Exchange database amd log files (Flat files only)

3. Does the Storage Group and database with the same nme as original exist on the new exchange server (Virtual machine).

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...the OP is talking about restoring to a shared folder...

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Hi Seamus,

You need the RAWS agent installed on the VM in order to restore to it. You'd have to prepare Exchange as per MS best practice.

Once done, do a redirected restore.

Alternatively, follow my article below and duplicate to disk first (find a drive with enough disk space). Once done, copy the *.edb to the Exchange VM and follow MS best practice to mount the Information Store.

Either way, if you did a GRT backup to tape, it is going to duplicate to disk first (default: C:\Temp), and there is no way around this. Using my method means you have the flat-file...if you do a normal restore for instance, any halt in the restore process fails it.


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These are not GRT back-ups, when I try to traverse down the file struture I cannot select mailboxes. I must recover the entire mailbox store first and then select the mailbox. Does the drive with enough space have to be on the Media server? If so once, I recover the mailbox store from the back-up, do I then move it my virtual server and mount it from there.

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Is this a Snapshot backup. If yes, you could Select the IS in the Restore Selections and using File redirection, try to restore the flat files to a folder on the Media Server.

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GRT to tape needs a staging area (default is C:\Temp) so either way you end up with a full restore when restoring from tape (GRT or non-GRT).

And as far as I know, it has to be a local disk! Once on disk you can restore from the on-disk files, and it would restore into Exchange.

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