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Restore only presents 5 days to choose from. There should be more history.

Created: 06 May 2013 | 4 comments

I am needing to restore a SQL database from 3 weeks ago.

The job definition shows that the database is doing a Full backup Saturdays and Differentials rest of week.

Transaction logs are set to run 12x/day.

The job history shows successful backups have been occurring.

But the problem is that when I go to restore that database via the ‘Restore’ process, when I select the option to choose “A backup set time that I select”, I only have the last Full backup available from this past Saturday as a day presented as an option to select. (And it shows diffs and transaction logs for only  last 5 days)

Screenshots provided showing that older backups were performed and successful and should be available.

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What is the retention set for the backupsets. This looks like you are not retaining 3 weeks old backups.

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We have a media set that has overwrite protection of 16 weeks.

And the job definition is set to "keep for" 16 weeks.

What gets me is the interface that shows the backup sets for this particular server does show data on Tape and Disk going back to Feb. 2013.

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1) On the Storage tab, click on the media and make sure that the backup sets going back to Feb 2013 still exists.  If not, then they are overwritten and will not be displayed.

2) Using the restore wizard, make sure that your date range (shown below) is wide enough to display Feb 2013.

BE 2012 - restore date range.png

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You might be facing this known issue ~

If yes, would recommend to log a formal support case.