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restore original disk signature / restore master boot record

Created: 23 Nov 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments

I set up BESR 7 on two servers 6 months ago, including testing restoring backups made with BESR to another offsite server. I got restore to work once for each of my two servers, but it took about 10 tries over a couple of days.


Now I've upgraded to BESR 8.5, have new backups of each of my servers and am trying to restore them to my test server. I've restored several times but I can't get a bootable machine. And now I've run into other errors.


The simple question I have is about the caption issue of the post. It seems to me I should check both:

[x] restore original disk signature, and

[x] restore master boot record

Am I right to choose both these options?


I found in a TECHTip the note that you can only restore to new hardware by choosing to restore file a file, not by date, so I'm going to follow that suggestion in the future.


The error I now am getting after about 10 restore attempts is:

"Error E0BB0087: Cannot create partition.

E0BB007F The on-disk layout of disk 0 doesn't match the OS information."

I'm going to try DISKPART from another forum article to see if that won't reset everything and let me start fresh.


And at the risk of putting too many questions into one item, should be be able to restore both C:\ and D:\ in one operation? Or do I need to restore C:\, reboot, then restore D:\?


If they need to be restored in two passes, do I have to boot from the new C:\, then boot from the SRD, or can I just boot from the SRD after the C:\ is restored?

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Assuming you are restoring a system partition, you would need to check to restore the MBR. Choosing recovery point by filename and then browsing to the storage destination is recommended.


When you are receiving the error, is this a restore within the recovery environment of a system or data partition?


There are a couple of partitioning utilities within BESR SRD. Assuming you are getting this error within the SRD, you may need to use 'First track operations' to wipe the restore destination disc, then reboot into the SRD.


You can restore both C and D without needing to reboot. Restore C first and keep the option unchecked to reboot when finished. 






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Ich habe eine neue Festplatte installiert und jedesmal wird in der Wiederherstellung das NTFS Format in FAT32 umgewandelt was muss ich genau einstellen, damit das nicht passiert?