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Restore problem VmWare + Backup exec 2010

Created: 27 May 2010 | 9 comments

I'm using Backup Exec in combination with ESX server 4.0.
I'm trying to Restore a Virtual machine. But the job failed with the following error:
Final error: 0xe00095b0 - The operation failed because the virtual center or ESX server reported a problem performing the operation on the specified datastore. Final error category: Resource Errors

I have enough free space.

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Try to redirect the restore to same data store please.

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That's not posible because it is a restore test to another location.

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yep i know it is but you can still try doing a redirect to that location. I am saying so as there was a bug doing a restore directly and I don't know if it is resolved yet

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The original location is on another location. So it's not posible to restore to there.

What bug do you mean?

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I'm having the same problem as you can read here:

Yes I can redirect the restore to its original ESXi Datastore but that's not what I need. In my case the original ESXi 4 runs an older version then the new ESXi I'm trying to restore the VM on. I cannot upgrade the old ESXi nor can I downgrade the new ESXi (both are version 4) but I need to restore the VM to the new ESXi for desaster recovery testing.

I have only one support case entitlement with Symantec and I don't want to use it for desaster tests like this. So I hope this can be solved with the help of the community.

thank you

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I'm using ESX 4.0 not the I version. Both server's same patch level.

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Bwienen, are you using vCenter or vSphere Client? Can you check vSphere Client for the error message shown on my screenshot? The error occurs right the moment you start the backup. Just so that we can make sure we are talking about the same error!

Furthermore, please check your backup destination "IMGxxxxx "folder, for a file called *.vmx
I think it's the ESX configuration file, in my case it's completely missing from backups created by BE 2010.

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I am also having restore to alternate location issues.

Backup works no error. Restore to alternate location results in "Error Writing File data"

On the console of the Vmware ESXi host I get "Invald datastore format"

I am using an iSCSI SAN, I have all the patches etc etc... PITA!

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I'd suggest opening a case with Symantec Support.  That will give you quicker results than this forum.

Mark the case severity as a severity 2 or three, do not mention it's a test restore.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."