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Restore public folder archive to new server

Created: 12 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi all

We are mnigrating to Office 365.  We need to restore all public folder data so that it can be imported into shared mailboxes in the cloud.  I know you can't export from public folder archives, without hacking the sql database to change the archive type to mailbox, which is fine.  We have a few hundred GB to restore but do not have the capacity or performance on the current Exchange public folder database server.  I would like to build a new server, transfer the public folder database to it, and then restore all EV data to the new location. 

Is that possible?

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hmm, not sure you can really do what you're suggesting without some series amounts of custom coding.

You might want to have a look at the Public Folder Exporter tool though from QUADROtech:

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Just my two cents!!!

As you already know about changing the archive type by using SQL, can't you then export the public folder archives (which is now a mailbox or shared mailbox archives) to PSTs and then import the PSTs into Office 365. I don't  believe this process touches the exchange Public folder database server as the export is done on the EV server. Is your capacity issue on the EV server as well as exchange public folder server?

If I remember correctly (as it has been a while since I touched Public Folder archiving) is that the Public Folder archive structure is slightly different to a mailbox archive structure, (unstuctured archive or at least structured very different) so this may cause a problem when importing into office 365? Alternatively you can export to PSTs on the EV server and then do what you have in mind, put in new Exchange public database server and then import the PSTs into the new location and then do your office 365 migration as originally planned? This of course is the long winded way.




Chau Tran


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I think the problem there is going to be matching up the exported public folder structure with the existing public folder structure. Unless you have archived from the root level down with a single archive point....other than could certainly give it a try (in a test lab, backup first etc etc etc)



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