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Restore SQL Database to different server using BEMCLI in BackupExec 2012

Created: 19 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

Hi Every one,

I have a little problem after upgrade from 2010R3. In 2010R3 after my full backup of SQL Server database i (in post command) ran automatically script (in post command) with last JobHistoryID for restore it to different server. So I had one production server and then socond (uptodate) for developers.

How I can do it in 2012 version? There is completely new BEMCLI. 

How i can run restore job from command line?

Do You have any idea?

Best Regards


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Hi Maciej,

Check the link below for the switches if you haven't already:

Should give you the information you're looking for.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks, but I allready checked - without luck....

But i don't give up - still loking.

Best regards

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Hi MaciejKa,

I am the lead developer of BEMCLI here at Symantec.

Unfortunately, BEMCLI supports only file and folder backup in BackupExec 2012.  Though BEMCLI shines in many areas and has capabilities beyond our previous bemcmd utility, restore is one area that falls short right now.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I do not have a workaround for your scenario.

Feedback from customers like you helps drive the priority of everything we do and that is especially true of BEMCLI.  I am eager to hear of other automation needs you have with regard to BEMCLI; what's working, and what you'd like to see.  Do you perform post-command restores routinely for a large volume of your backups, or is this one smaller slice of your overall protection scheme?

Again, I'd like to have better news but I don't know of a way to solve this issue at the moment; making a restore job in the GUI will create a BE-Job that can be re-run repeatedly, but the selections will not change with each run (and there isn't a way to update the selections of a restore job via BEMCLI, either).  It will restore from one job history over and over again.

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Hi BE_KirkFreiheit,

Thank you for your response, but this is a really bad news for me!

I have about 200 GB MS SQL 2005 database. I’m doing a full backup every 01:00 am and then transaction log every 1 hour. After full backup I must restore it to different server (there is a sql warehouse  and developers works on it) and I must doing this every night. So in BE 2010R3 I used post command script (BEMCLI) to create and start new restore job ( i use the latest selection - JobHistoryID) and redirect it to different server . It works perfectly!

Now I try to create a restore job with “To the latest available backup set time” setting  and start it by post command powershell script like in this post:

but as you said, selection is not updating and it’s restore the same backup every time.

So if I don’t find any solution for this case I must downgrade BE  to 2010R3 version…..

Best Regards

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Hi All,

I didn’t found any solution for automate restore jobs for SQL Server, so I downgraded BE 2012 to 2010 R3. Great post for it you can find here:

Maybe the Service Pack 2 will have functionality for BEMCLI as BE 2010 R3… we will see.

Thanks and Best Regards