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Restore SQL Server 2005 Always Fail

Created: 03 Jul 2013 | 4 comments

Need Help.

I want to Restore SQL Server to different SQL Server, but always fail.

I am using Backup Exec 2010 to Backup SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2.

My Backup Exec software installed in Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.

I have some problems when i want to Restore Tape backup to Other SQL Server .

The error : The job failed with the following error: The directory is invalid.

When i see in SQL Server, the database name already create, but empty. No Table, views or anything.

I have follow the instruction from Symantec to Restore Database.

I think restore database could not be so difficult.

Is there anything certain condition to restore SQL Server to Different Server ?

For example Operating system that used for restore.


Operating Systems:

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CraigV's picture

Hi Leo,

Check the TN below which details how to troubleshoot this issue:

You can also check the article below on how to redirect a SQL restore to make sure you're following the correct steps:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

Jaydeep S's picture

OS is not really a problem unless it is Server 2012 and you dont have a beta patch applied on the agent. AS for the SQL Instance version, make sure that you are restoring to a SQL version which is same or higher.

As for the redirection, just follow the wizard with the default settings (for folder/path where to put the files) except, the Server, Instance and database name. I would also sugest you to try and restore the database with a different name (Make sure that the database does not exist)

LeoWidodo's picture

Thanks for the Answer.

After i tries several configuration :

If I use Configuration => Use Alternate Drive => Always error Write data

If I Use Configuration => Use Destination Instance's Default data directory => Success

If I Use Configuration => Use this path (\\<computer ip address>\Folder) => error

What happen ?

What should i configure if i want to use => Use This path with network shared ?

Is it related to folder security ?

The folder SQLDTA and SQLLOG already created but empty.

Jaydeep S's picture

You need to specify a local path on the server that you are restoring to.

Example: You are restoring to D:\databases on SQLServer then in the server field enter SQLServer, in instance field, either leave it blank if it is a default instance or the Instance name if the instance has a name. In thepath field, only enter D:\database.

Additionally, BE will restore the .mdf and .ldf file to the same folder and not 2 seperate folders. You would need to do this manually post restore by detaching and attaching the restored database.